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How to Take Proper Care of Your Dentures

One of the most popular treatments for restorative and cosmetic dentistry in Calgary for seniors is dentures. Dentures are used for their ability to restore natural speaking and chewing, and for giving the wearer confidence to smile again.

The denture framework is typically made of metal, a nylon polymer, or an acrylic resin. The false teeth attached to the frame may also be made from various resins or from porcelain. These materials need to be cared for in order to stay in good condition and keep functioning as they should.

Here are five important tips from Arbour Lake Dental Care, your Calgary dental clinic providing dentures and denture care, on how to properly take care of your dentures:

Brush and Clean Your Dentures

You should brush your dentures every day with a soft-bristled toothbrush in order to keep bacteria from settling and proliferating on them. Avoid using toothpaste, however, as regular toothpastes are often too abrasive. Instead, you can clean your dentures by using a mild hand or dishwashing soap. Rinsing your dentures after eating is also a good idea.

Don't Leave Your Dentures in While You Sleep

You should not wear your dentures while you sleep, but you shouldn't simply keep them laying out in the open on your bedside table either. Dentures with metal clasps can be kept moist in a glass of water, while most other types of dentures can be soaked in a denture solution. Your Calgary denture provider will be able to tell you exactly the type of solution to use for your dentures.

Soak Your Dentures When Not Wearing Them

Your dentures need to be kept moist at any time that you aren't wearing them, even if it isn't while you are sleeping. Take the time to always properly store them in the right solution, and you'll keep them in good condition for a long time to come.

Handle Your Dentures with Care

Whenever you are taking them out, putting them in, or otherwise handling your dentures, do so with care. If dropped, your dentures can break of change shape. While you are cleaning your dentures, it is a good idea to work over a folded towel so that they land somewhere soft if they are dropped.

Regularly Visit Your Calgary Dental Clinic

The most important part of maintaining and caring for your dentures is to keep up with your regular Calgary dental clinic visits. Your dentist can help make sure that your dentures are in good condition, check whether they need to be adjusted, and give them a thorough cleaning.

At Arbour Lake Dental Centre we bring together restorative and cosmetic dentistry in Calgary to provide our patients with natural looking, functional, and well-fitted full and partial dentures. Numerous Calgarians have found our dentures to be an affordable and effective teeth replacement solution. 

If you're interested in getting dentures or if you need your dentures to be cleaned or adjusted, you can schedule an appointment with Arbour Lake Dental, your Calgary dental clinic today.

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