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Are you dissatisfied with the look of your teeth? It's possible to make your smile whiter and brighter with the help of Arbour Lake Dental Care. Known for our cosmetic
dentistry in Calgary, we offer a variety of oral care services designed to fix any problems in the appearance of your teeth. Whether you're looking for a comprehensive rejuvenation, such as the application of porcelain veneers, or simply teeth whitening, we'll do our best to find a solution that works best for you.

Porcelain Veneers Available as Part of Our Cosmetic Dentistry in Calgary

As part of our cosmetic dentistry in Calgary, porcelain veneers are one way of creating the attractive, natural smile you have always wanted. They are a beautiful way of enhancing front teeth. Teeth can be whitened, properly shaped and straightened and spaces can be closed with veneers.

With the use of veneers, smiles can be straightened, reshaped, and minor realignments can be achieved. Veneers are very thin and are bonded directly to the front of your natural teeth. Veneers are only about 0.3 mm in thickness but are very durable and strong. They’re typically a preferred method of brightening your smile, as they are less intrusive and abrasive than crowns and braces. There are many common issues veneers can be used to correct such as discolouration, fractures or chips of your natural teeth.

The process of receiving veneers begins with taking impressions of your teeth to send to a laboratory in order for the custom veneers to be fabricated. Once we’ve received the veneers, the process of implementation can begin. The dentist will thoroughly clean your natural tooth with pumice and water before applying an adhesive that the veneer will stick to. Once the veneer is applied, the dentist will light cure it for 60 seconds and remove any excess material. It only takes a few minutes!

Along with veneers, we also offer the following cosmetic dentistry services:
Teeth whitening
Dental implants

Please be aware that we do not offer regular braces as part of our cosmetic dentistry services.

If you have always been curious about the way your smile would look with veneers, please call us and have an appointment scheduled for a cosmetic consultation.

Please note that we will direct bill most insurance plans.

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