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Full Dentures

Thank you for choosing Arbour Lake Dental Care to provide you with your new dentures in Calgary. We do our best to provide our patients with well-fitted, functional, and natural-looking dentures. As it may take several weeks to months to become accustomed to new dentures, the following could be helpful to you:

Your First Few Weeks: New dentures always feel foreign when they are first placed in your mouth. Several days or even weeks will be required for you to feel accustomed to them.

Sore Spots: Usually, your mouth will have a few sore spots after wearing the dentures for 24 hours. Don't worry about these areas. The discomfort can be relieved with very little effort during your next appointment, ideally 7 days after your first fitting. This will usually help eliminate any other sore areas.

Chewing: The new bite or occlusion will not feel comfortable for a period of days. We will adjust the contacting surfaces of your teeth when necessary.

Wearing Dentures to Bed: Your dentures should not be worn to bed. By keeping your dentures out at bedtime, your gums and jaw bones are given a rest and shrinkage of these tissues is kept to a minimum. Please follow the cleaning instructions given to you.

Upper vs. Lower Dentures: Your upper denture will rest comfortably in place with moderate to strong suction. Although your lower denture will have good stability, it is infrequent that suction can be expected on a lower denture.

The Future: Your jaw bones and gums shrink up to 1/32 of an inch per year when teeth are missing. This is one of the main disadvantages of artificial dentures. Because of this shrinkage, you should plan to have your dentures and oral tissues evaluated once a year during a dental visit. Wearing ill-fitting dentures for too long without refitting can cause severe bone loss and very serious oral diseases. We look forward to helping you adjust to and enjoy your new dentures. Dental implants are a wonderful option if you have ill-fitting dentures. If you would like more information on dental implants, please ask one of our team members and we will be glad to assist you on finding out whether you are a candidate for dental implants.

Partial Dentures in Calgary

If you are missing many teeth, dentures in Calgary may be for you. We can make a full denture to take the place of all teeth in an arch or a partial denture to replace just some teeth in an arch. Gum coloured acrylic supports the teeth on your gums. We can also make either of these to be supported by implants or roots that are maintained. These may also have snaps attached to them so that the denture stays in place!

What exactly are partial dentures? If you have multiple natural teeth remaining in the upper or lower jaw, partial dentures will replace the missing teeth. Partial dentures are similar to full dentures in that they are replacement teeth attached to a plastic, gum-coloured base connected by a durable metal frame to hold it in place.

As with natural teeth, daily cleaning of your dentures is vital. We recommend brushing the dentures with a specialized denture brush, as a regular toothbrush can damage your dentures. Be sure to only use hand soap or a gentle dishwashing liquid to clean your dentures, as toothpaste and other household cleaning items are far too abrasive.

Considering getting dentures at our Calgary clinic? Schedule your appointment today to talk about your options!

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