The Oravital™ System: Effective Bad Breath Treatment in Calgary

There are many things in life that we can’t control. And until now, you may have thought your chronic bad breath was just one of those things. But it doesn’t have to be that way any longer! If you’re looking for bad breath treatment in Calgary, Arbour Lake Dental Care can help you. Our clinic is specially trained in the Oravital™ System, which treats periodontal disease, chronic bad breath and bad mouth taste.

Causes of Bad Breath

An accumulation of harmful bacteria leads to bad breath. Additionally, periodontal disease, stress, dental cavities, hormonal changes, poor nutrition, and certain prescription drugs can worsen bad breath. Without the proper treatment, people with this harmful buildup of bacteria are predisposed to conditions like heart disease and diabetes. Your sense of smell and taste may also be affected. It’s very important that you see your dentist in order to take action against chronic bad breath. It could be harming your health!

How the Oravital™ System Works

Ready to have healthy gums and fresh breath? We thought so! The Oravital™ System has a high success rate for managing the symptoms of bad breath. It’s designed to detect and treat periodontal disease, chronic bad breath and bad mouth taste. When you visit our dental office, we’ll examine your mouth for existing dental problems, obtain your medical history, and talk with you to determine any other factors that could be contributing to the condition. When you start the Oravital™ System, you’ll experience the following:

  1. Screening: A swab will be used to take samples of bacteria from your mouth. A lab will conduct a microbial analysis to look for odour-causing bacteria.
  2. Treatment: If harmful bacteria are found, you will begin using an Oravital™ antiseptic or antibiotic rinse that’s formulated to kill the germs causing your infection.
  3. Evaluation: After using the rinse for approximately two weeks (or another time frame given by your dentist), you will return for a checkup. Your teeth, tongue and gums will be examined to look for any problems.
  4. Maintenance: We recommend regular dental checkups along with a good home care routine. This could include using an Oravital™ rinse on a daily basis.
  5. Re-evaluation: In order to monitor the balance of your mouth’s bacteria, it’s recommended that you have microbial testing at least once a year. If the harmful bacteria accumulate again, your bad breath symptoms could return.

Preventative care is crucial when you’re dealing with this condition. Please make sure you visit your dentist regularly and carefully follow your treatment plan!

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Bad breath and gum disease can be very difficult and frustrating to live with. You may feel ashamed, embarrassed or stressed when interacting with other people. When you can’t control it on your own, Arbour Lake Dental Care is ready to help you find relief from periodontal disease, chronic bad breath and bad mouth taste. Get your confidence back – contact us today to schedule a consultation with our caring, supportive team!

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