Comprehensive Dental Services in Calgary from Our Family to Yours

At Arbour Lake Dental Care we offer a variety of dental services for patients of all ages, from orthodontics services including Invisalign®, to dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, and general dentistry for the whole family. Our extended hours offer flexible appointment times; call to book yours today!

Gum Recession

We specialize in treating gum recession. When your gums recede and expose the delicate roots of your teeth you lose your first line of defense against harmful bacteria. As a result, the risk of root cavities, sensitivity to hot and cold foods and other serious complications greatly increases. You don’t have to suffer from receding gums any longer! In as little as one visit we can help to correct years of recession allowing for a healthy, beautiful smile.

If you or your children suffer from any of these ailments it is important to have it corrected. If left uncorrected, the problems will worsen and become increasingly difficult to remedy.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Help speed up your recovery and minimize post-operative downtime with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). We are often asked by patients "How long is the recovery" and "When will I be back to normal". PRP can help you heal quicker and get back to your regular routine sooner.

We all heal at different rates and thanks to PRP we can each do it in our own, fast and effective way. Through a small sample of your own blood we are able to cultivate your very own 'healing product' made from blood platelets - key elements in the healing process. Platelets stimulate growth and help the body to repair itself. Our PRP treatment sends more platelets to the surgical site - more platelets means faster healing.

No additional appointments are necessary for the use of PRP. Dr. Miller will be able to obtain your blood sample during your dental treatment. Since PRP is a by-product of your own blood, there is no rejection or disease transmission.

Thanks to PRP you can heal, recover and feel better quicker.

Dental Implants

If you have lost a tooth or teeth, you may be a candidate for dental implants. Dental implants can be a successful alternative to bridges or dentures. Dental implants provide an artificial tooth root to which crowns, bridges or dentures can be attached.

Implants are placed during your dental visit. After placement of the implants, a healing phase is required and then strong porcelain teeth are attached. Implants may also be an alternative to ill-fitting dentures.

As tooth replacements, dental implants help prevent bone loss and receding gums. They allow you to speak and eat with confidence and ease.


Materials and clinical methods such as veneers and metal-free all-ceramic crowns allow us to create the "invisible tooth" restoration. The absence of metal allows light to pass through the ceramic giving the tooth a natural appearance.

A crown is a restoration that covers a tooth, usually to restore the tooth to its normal shape and size. This strengthens the compromised tooth and allows it to function properly while improving the look of the decayed or fractured tooth. Crowning a tooth is a long-lasting alternative to restoring a tooth. Crowns are used for a variety of reasons: to replace large fillings where there isn't enough tooth remaining, restoration of fractured teeth, strengthening of weak or brittle teeth, covering badly shaped or discoloured teeth, or attaching teeth to bridges. Crowns can also be utilized to hold a tooth together so the cracking does not worsen. Crowns are also placed over dental implants.

Crowns are custom fit for you and are created to blend into your natural smile. We are able to sculpt the crowns to improve shape, colour and functionality in order to enhance your smile. Crown procedures are accomplished in two visits. On the first visit, we will prepare the tooth and fit you with a temporary crown while our own laboratory creates and customizes your permanent crown. On your next visit, approximately 7-10 days later, we will remove the temporary crown and cement your permanent one in place.

When you decide to have crown procedures completed in our office, you need not concern yourself over whether your crowns will have dark lines visible at the gums. Our very own laboratory can create custom crowns based on the material that is right for you. All ceramic crowns are a beautiful aesthetic choice, negating the possibility of having dark ugly lines show up on the margins of the teeth. Another benefit of completely porcelain restorations is the ability to avoid potential allergic reactions to metal.


Many people suffer from crowded teeth, spaces between teeth, extra or missing teeth and irregularities of the jaw and face. Generally speaking, these issues are inherited but they can also be caused by trauma to the mouth, thumb sucking, premature loss of teeth or dental disease. These problems are all contributing factors to poor alignment of teeth and the development and appearance of your face.

If you or your children suffer from any of these ailments it is important to have it corrected. If left uncorrected, the problems will worsen and become increasingly difficult to remedy.

There are a variety of motivators for seeking orthodontic treatment, some of which include: chronic headaches, difficulty in cleaning your teeth due to misalignment, facial irregularities or damaged self-esteem because of the way you look. Through the training and expertise that Drs. Ian and Don Miller have acquired they can work with you to find a successful remedy. We'll work hard to make sure you get that smile you've always dreamed about.

Invisalign® Orthodontics

Ever wanted to have straight teeth and a beautiful smile, but don’t want to go through the headache of getting braces put on? Through a series of aligners—thin, clear, and durable plastic retainers that are placed over your teeth—your dentist can help your smile to be the best it can be. Each aligner will slightly adjust and reposition your teeth, allowing the gums and the jaw to accommodate for the change over a period of time.

Invisalign works for both adults and teenagers (it is not recommended that children generally use Invisalign). In fact, more and more people of every age are turning to Invisalign to straighten their bite.

Remember, having straight teeth isn’t only great for your self-esteem—it’s great for your health. Cavities, gum disease, and halitosis are all correlated with having crooked teeth. Having a good bite also decreases the pressure that is put on certain teeth and can decrease your risk for TMJ.

Invisalign will work for many, but it’s not for everyone. The kind of success you will have with Invisalign in Calgary depends on the kind of problem you are looking to correct. Some severe bite issues may not be able to be fixed through the use of Invisalign. Talk to the dentists at Arbour Lake Dental today to find out if Invisalign is right for you.

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