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GALILEOS® 3D scanner

The GALILEOS® 3D scanner is a specialized tool utilized to take three-dimensional images of your teeth, head, jaw, and neck. Visit Arbour Lake Dental Care in Northwest (NW) Calgary to learn more.

These 3D images get a more detailed view of your mouth, to assist as an additional tool to view areas of concern, and to more accurately plan dental treatments including the placement of dental implants. This technology has low-radiation and efficient technology.

The GALILEOS scanner is effective in helping with the following:

  • Analyze after an accident in assessing facial trauma
  • Evaluate the extent of dental injury or damage
  • Diagnose cavities
  • Assess cleft palates
  • Detect and evaluate cysts, abscesses, tumours, and sinus areas
  • Evaluate your progress during orthodontic treatment
  • Analyze a TMJ disorder
  • Visualize abnormal teeth and other developmental abnormalities
  • Diagnose the need for root canal therapy, endodontic treatment, and in seeing cracked teeth or roots

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